We’re re-opening Wednesday June 24th!

Upon reopening, we will continue delivering to you the high level of service you’ve come to expect, while following Covid-19 protocols set by the province of Ontario. There are some updates to our policies which are outlined below.

Coming to Steeles Royal

Physical distancing of 6 feet is expected to be observed and maintained in all common areas of our locations including the lobby and reception area. There will be no contact permitted between individuals other than during your session.

Everyone, including staff and clients to wash their hands upon arrival using the sanitizer provided. Both clients and staff will be required to wear a mask in order to enter the spa, as well as during the session.

Pre-session health checks, including a temperature check using an infrared thermometer will be required for all staff before they start a shift, as well as anyone else who needs to go beyond the reception desk. Those exhibiting any symptoms, or elevated temperature will be declined service.

The installation of an acrylic protective shield has been added to the front reception desks as a means to ensure physical distancing. All areas of the spas, including restrooms and waiting areas are properly cleaned, stocked, sanitized, and disinfected more frequently. This will increase the time needed between sessions.

The Safety of Your Session

Rooms will be thoroughly sanitized and disinfected between each session including the shower, handles, fixtures and the table itself. Each room will also have its supply of sheets, towels and other items will be replaced between each client. Each attendant will have a single room which they will be assigned to, and not change, during their shift. This will also mean that duo, couples and Royal Rendezvous sessions are currently not available.

Masks will be required to be worn during your visit with us, including your massage.

A shower will be mandatory before your session begins. Both the client and attendant will be required to sanitize their hands before any contact is initiated at the start of your massage.

Arranging Your Session

Appointments have always been encouraged, and will be the preferred method for setting up a session. If you wish to set up an appointment for Wed June 24th, contact us at info@royalspa.ca with your name, the attendant name, the time of your requested massage (as well as a second time should the first be unavailable), in addition to the length of the session.

Please note that we are limiting our sessions to a maximum of 60 minutes at the current time. As of Wednesday Jun 24th, appointments can be made, during regular business hours, by calling our locations.