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This one is for those who can handle a pro! Sasha knows exactly what to do and how to do it! She is popular because her energy is intoxicating! You cannot meet this woman and not become close friends with her! She has a personality like no other! Full of life and happiness, Sasha is simply the kind of lady you can't get enough of! She offers foot fetish and even has toys! Her massages are literally the best you will ever get. Sasha can give RMT style deep tissue massages that can soothe even the stiffest muscles. Making her the perfect pick for athletes! Sasha can also do a softer more gentle massage using soft strokes and focusing on every inch of your body. This ex ballet and exotic dancer also was a gymnast and always was a fan of sports! Sasha likes to fulfill all your needs and fantasies as she takes your requests with pleasure! She is a sexual Goddess to whom sensuality and erotica comes naturally. Sasha has an amazing sense of humor so don't be surprised if you hear lots of laughter coming from her room. She is so easy going and funny that falling in love is very possible! Simply a great time and the best there is!