Dave’s 10 Tips for using Twitter

  1. Post to keep your audience engaged, not just when you need them. It is much easier to keep a follower/client than find a new one.

  2. Don’t overpost: posting a fleury just says you have time on your hands and need a client. Different on a day off … be excited to be at the spa

  3. Only people you have allowed to view your account will see what you post if it is protected. It can’t be retweeted either.

  4. Guys will ask stupid questions. More true at 3am. Remember that when you chose to reply, or not.

  5. Learn who’s wasting your time in DMs. Time is money, tell them you prefer conversations in person.

  6. Selfies from your phone and items not in your profile get serious attention. Video > Photos … exponentially

  7. Thank people for gifts, but don’t throw it in the face of clients. A very small group of people participate in ego-gifting, don’t remind them it’s about money.

  8. Say something with your posts, not just post a word with a photo, video or a hashtag. Twitter rewards interaction in their algorithm.

  9. Over 91 BILLION videos were viewed on Pornhub in 2016. 70% of the 1.8 Billion sites on the internet are porn related. If you are worried about giving away something for free … they can see you in person. It can also be covered up afterwards.

  10. You can’t edit what you post. Read and check it again before you submit it.


If you have or want a Twitter account, we’ve setting up a method which you will be able to send photos/videos to be posted (and edited of course.). A link will be added to the post to your profile.

Keep in mind that it may take several hours to post an item that’s been received.

Repurposing photos which are in profiles is fine for schedules, but the most impact comes from content which is not available on the site to get the full effectiveness of a post.

Blog articles, videos and more are planned to feature individual attendants.

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