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Astrid is a muay thai enthusiast and a sweet, friendly and beautiful Eastern European Goddess who has a gift for relaxing even the most stressed patron that could walk in! She loves to focus on a relaxing and sensual massage experience, gradually building anticipation with an extended bodyslide which she excels at. Then teasing and edging upon the flip is her signature move. Astrid understand the need to ensure every area is covered and your satisfaction and relaxation is of her utmost importance. She is best suited for those who prefer their attendant to take the lead. Making her the perfect candidate for first timers or those who are shy! Astrid knows what she is doing and you are truly in the best hands! Whether you want a classic body slide session or to delve into the light fetish world, her assertive demeanour and attentiveness ensure that you will have all of the right buttons pushed! Astrid is all about a slow and steady approach. Every moment spent with her is a moment well spent!